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    List of Known Issues Bug Report Template

    Which way i know they are not intercepting? Yes. It is good placed but going to stuck anyway. Seems to be real collision doesn't match colliders due to described rescaling issue.
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    List of Known Issues Bug Report Template

    Hi, blocks collision problem: Mostly if i resize them, occured with vanilla and modded stuff (That tube), but his hitboxes are not intercepting with anything, it formes real hollow ring, but selecting other object through it still impossible. After i manage to rip it off, collision works as...
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    How are Proper Tank Tracks made?

    One more way is make low clearance and apply tension by controllable suspension.
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    How are Proper Tank Tracks made?

    Commonly there are tracks tension system, frontal upper wheels for RWD (and vice-versa), it can move away to counter tracks hanging. But additional problem is wheels collisions (not always relevant), when you can make tracks longer, because looking on visuals. But ingame only hitbxes are...
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    More precise blocks collisions (will match geometry at least)

    Yes, more hitboxes and more lags. But how can you build precise geared mechanism, where teeths just don't work as intended? (Even ExtraCog mod has this problem)
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    Also № 3 already exists, № 5, 8 provided by mods, need to correct poll.
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    Translate to Russian

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    Multiple map sizes for MV maps!

    But only 20x20 km (example) will not cause that issue.
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    Mod Requests

    This thing needs one serious improvement in Besiege - deformable objects, which i'm not sure about.
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    Besiege AMT-1

    Nice conception.
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    Torsions, great for tank's suspension, it can work with long brace, but they're not designed for that and actually will rotate points, connected to block, not brace itself. It needs implementation of blocks deformation.