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    Core Tank Chassis v.2

    Fireball wheels are badass!
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    Core Tank Chassis v.2

    Well look at you, a Master Besieger!
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    1001 Best things to do around Besiege, Now with less Troll

    286.Watch in horror as your favorite machines break apart after the unity5 update.
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    Core Tank Chassis v.2

    Hi guys =) Steam Workshop:
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    Save machine>Load machine>Every block is duplicated.

    A comment from a subscriber at the workshop...@Core88 @AnotherParfait if you doubleclick the loading icon while loading the machine on your computer it can load double, had this problem a few times. if you save the machine then it will be broken all the time because it saves each block double...
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    Monthly Challenge November!

    Try this I haven't tried it yet .
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    This is me, Bragging about my success.

    It's probably your turn. I'll be moving out soon =)
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    V0.2 is Tank friendly

    The external plates.
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    V0.2 is Tank friendly

    Try removing the armor plates to strengthen the treads. I'ts weird that the treads are more durable without the armor plates after the v.02 update.
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    V0.2 is Tank friendly

    It's much easy to create durable and fast tanks on v0.2 without bsg editing. Surprisingly, the treads would stay together much longer than before. This is just a study. The track retainers are not that durable. arrow keys to move about. press H to stretch the tread. Attached Files...
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    Steering Blocks for Torque Steering

    You're right, the grabbers are much weaker now. They can't even hold the edited balloons of my flying tank. I'll try the small armor =)
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    Steering Blocks for Torque Steering

    Thanks to Prevenge's freaky idea, I found a new substitute for my defunct piston steering. I'ts a combination of a steering block, a grabber and .bsg editing. And it's all metal =) controls: Left Shift - UP Left Ctrl - DOWN ↑ forward → right ← left press C to fire...
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    The devs should probably increase the size of the bounding box.
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    Caterpillar_V6 Unity5

    My favorite machine work great with the new update. I'm at the process of re-calibrating my machines to work with Unity 5. I was able to replace the spikes with a drill block, Unity 4 won't allow me to as the machine kept on breaking apart if I did. controls: left shift up - forward...
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    HK Tank