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    Drifting Challange

    What happened to the links about quaternions in the video?
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    Share your first successful machine!

    My first working machine that I uploaded was a combine harvester it doesn't have too many views but I thought it was amazing at the time... ... now I think its garbage
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    A new kind of destruction (and art)

    I'm sure you're machine will do great! However, there is a reason spidering hasn't released those blocks yet. Wouldn't that be sorta cheating?
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    A few things about the new levels

    great! I can't wait to see the video. I really love your creations/
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    A few things about the new levels

    that is a great idea! i have to try that out.
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    A few things about the new levels

    1) The sacred flame, like the wood blocks in ipsilon, can be moved even in editing mode. This will make it better for all you guys who like to finish the levels illegitimately (if changing the game files is too hard for you). 2) the sacred flame can also be turned back on again using a fire...
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    Besiege Wins Editors Choice And Comes 4th Overall! - Indiedb

    Congrats! You guys really deserve that. I have spent hundreds of hours on this game and I never get bored.
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    A new kind of destruction (and art)

    I was playing around with the ball and chain and I made a discovery that someone in the community found out months ago: Anyway, I decided to do something with it and I came up with this: I would love if you could check it out...
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    Isn`t it about time we make a better trailer?

    If a new trailer was made, I think that simple siege machines like in the previous trailers and update pages would be great. Of course it is nice to see what the community can build but the trailer also needs to needs to represent the average intelligence of our community. Think youtube...
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    So....... When you scroll to the bottom of the forum home page Inside the "Whats Going On" section Click on the link that says "users online" or click here and when you hover over a username, there is a "Reputation" bar. Whats the deal with that?
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    Anew kine of a wokker. [Twotoereal]

    why is this still a thing?
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    Monthly Challenge December!

    to be fair, I did come up with the concept of this design 30 minutes after playing with the unity 5 update.
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    Monthly Challenge December!

    Try to hit the bomb on the village. I got it first try (no joke)!
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    Monthly Challenge December!

    do you know where I could download the wasp?
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    Monthly Challenge December!

    can I use a peasant instead?