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    Cyclic and collective helicopter

    No counter spin, the only connections to the main body are swivels, very little torque is transmitted and what torque is transmitted is random, not always one direction or the other. The tail fin is the only torque compensation.
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    Steamstarfighter Nice build, no joy at 2FPS
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    Cyclic and collective helicopter

    Only props no flying blocks. No tail rotor. Real collective and cyclic and flybar (stabilizer) Watch the video to see wingovers (and catastrophic mechanical failure. Damn Besiege :) K to start the engine, M and N are collective, arrow keys are swash plate. Attached Files Realdeal.bsg
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    May have too many parts for your machine, here is a flyaround Does it fly? No, it's a starship, it just goes Attached Files steamstarfighter.bsg