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    just an idea, stabalizer

    but i am EDIT: For a flying machine, and the bottom has a wheel
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    Teleportation Block

    i guess when a button is pressed, like imagine that you have a teleporting turret that teleports with "T" and you can shoot wherever you want; it would be extreme!
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    Flaming Arrows

    yeah but the fire hitbox is a pain and it works only some time
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    Need Angled Blocks like Triangle

    so technically someone would need to make a "Pyramid Mod" or something... Right?
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    YEAH! :cool:
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    i think i have found something cool
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    I`m a 3D artist, I can model stuff for your block mods!

    can i have a (normal) hinge that is a white block? ... Just to do a cloth thing... :)
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    help finding mod

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    help finding mod

    i have seen a lot of great machine makers that use some mod that makes things like the speed of the wheel, the buoyancy of the balloons more or less than the maximum or minimum. Anyone knows the name?
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    Mod Requests

    Anyone knows a mod that lets you modify the speed of certain objects like wheels, flying blocks or cogs? also a cannon on the side of the block anyone?