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    Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

    Thought I saw it somewhere. Can't find it anymore, though. Must have been when loading a machine provided by the server.
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    Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

    Cool! But I'd specify the weight in the weight units besiege uses currently (in the info tab, it says number of blocks and mass now!) Also, there's indeed block bans in Multiverse. If you load in a machine that has those, they will appear red/faded and you'll have to delete them before you can...
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    Contest: Besiege CombatBots Multiverse (Now with arena!)

    First off: YAY! Another player playing battlebots in singleplayer :) There's loads of people who enjoy this. Secondly: I'm sorry, but I'm not a huge fan of the rules. Why NO MODS (or at least strict rules on NoBounds usage and definitely no scaling) is a good rule: If you allow scaling and...
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    Development Blog

    I'd put it in the Bugs discussion, but I think this update fixed it, and if it didn't, they are aware of it and trying to fix it :)
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    Chicken Challenge!

    FBSoldier seems to be rather inactive nowadays. ITR does monthly challenges, though. You can suggest and vote for next ones. Here is the one of this month: On reddit, there's...
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    Monthly Challenge April!

    Does it fire projectiles or are the steamm cannons really really powerful?
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    Automatron (1.1.7) [Besiege v0.45] [spaar's Mod Loader] [ID 410]

    I have a really cool suggestion, but I'm not sure if it's possible (maybe coop with Motion Recorder mod?). Give people to enter the inputs in a simulation. So they start a simulation, press certain keys, and then enter those keys into the automatron automatically, so you don't have to script it...
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    Bombproof Gatling Gun Quad that destrosy ipsilon Bricks!

    Thanks! I have a new version which not only takes out the recoil, but applies thrust when you shoot, so you don't go backwards. It's updated on steam and on here:
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    Bombproof Gatling Gun Quad that destrosy ipsilon Bricks!

    With inspiration from Neutex, some missiles from x极限战士x, a thumbnail from Fnom3 and some patience, here is the Powerhouse! Controls and everything in the download link Attached Files
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    Monthly Challenge March!

    When building Besiege machines, I always ask myself: "Is the more skilled Besieger the one who uses minimalistic amounts of explosives, or the one who uses way too many bombs?" I think we all know the answer here ;)
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    Monthly Challenge March!

    Haha, I tried to make something that could consistently take the harp out, and you went the trickshot-way. Amazing! Now I don't know which approach I like better. Yours definitely makes for more interesting footage.
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    Monthly Challenge March!

    Thanks Von!
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    I bet you can`t even navigate the minefield...

    Try it. It's way harder than it looks.
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    Question about guid=... text in the new bsg files

    Pretty sure this is the correct answer.
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    Monthly Challenge March!

    Just before the rocket update, I had made a missile. Decided to post it now anyway. Can blow up the harp from anywhere on the map reliably, and uses only 9 blocks! This fun missile uses a grenade for remote detonation, now I hear you thinking 'Why not a flamethrower? They activate at the very...