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  1. Beneguras
    Im online Hello :D
  2. EatThatPie
    Besiege, the one game where physics and destruction combine.
  3. guimauve24
    Hi I speak French, English and spanish (a little) i'm new, Someone now when the MULTIVERSE update is coming ? thk u <3 ;)
  4. PardoPlayerGYT
    Hello I speak Spanish and use the translator XD another thing who knows how to make missiles remote control :D
  5. Cresant Moon
    Cresant Moon Von
    Hi Von. I created the Invisible Skin Package back when skins were first a thing, and have been trying to get the braces to become invisible (as it is a highly asked question). If I use a transparent image as the texture the Brace becomes Black. Is there a workaround for this? Maybe a transparent shader I should be trying to use?
    1. Ross
      I still think it'd be nice to have a "hide visuals" option for braces, like with the pin block.
      Apr 19, 2017
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  6. Brickobius
  7. xSmileyPlays
  8. CashAkDude
    Ok now I am just chilling
  9. CashAkDude
    I am online making planes and other stuff DO NOT DISTURB (unless u r giving me tips)
  10. that_besirge_dude
  11. stuChris
    i got a new profile pic a couple days ago. probably should have mentioned that.
  12. Daun Jahe
    Daun Jahe
    I love Potatoes
  13. /\///\/_//-\
    /\///\/_//-\ Shade
    Also about the bug thing i did download a nvidia thing but it didnt work.
  14. /\///\/_//-\
    /\///\/_//-\ Shade
  15. stuChris
    i have filled the "new posts" >kappa<
  16. Comet
    nnnnneeeeeeewwwww leeeevvveeeeellllllsssss
  17. ***
    *** MaxTCC
    Can I join the slack I'm pretty good at building and starting to build more frequently
    1. stuChris
      you dont need to, its pretty much dead, and also i havent really seen you on the workshop, so im not sure he would consider it anyway.
      on the discord group you need to at least have the senior engineer role to technically "qualify" for the slack group
      Apr 7, 2017
  18. karost0249
    Very tired and depressed.
  19. QuextArt
    how to change nickname
  20. Phone1214
    I love roblox